Andy Held Photography delivers heirloom quality portraits to give you a lasting memory of your love and dreams.  I create memories, art, and decoration for your home.


Andy Held Photography is located in Kirkland, Washington, just off exit 17 of I-405.

Photography Sessions

Photography sessions are available by appointment on location in Kirkland, Redmond, or Bellevue; and on location elsewhere.  The most satisfying portraits are taken in an environment that reflects your lifestyle.  Please call or email to discuss the possibilities for your portraits.

What to Expect

Before your photography session we will meet to discuss the location, style, and clothing for your portrait.  This consultation is very important to creating a successful a portrait.  At the clothing consultation we will schedule the photography session and portrait preview (when you'll see the rough-drafts that we'll make into finished portraits).

A typical photography session lasts between one and two hours, depending on the number of people and number of groupings that you would like photographed.

About one week after the photography session, we will get together for you to preview the portraits.  I use a projection system for the preview.  My clients have found the projection preview system far superior to 4" paper proofs. 

Hand Crafted Portraits

My portrait work is all produced using traditional film, working closely with a custom professional lab.  Every portrait has a lifetime guarantee.  Wall portraits are available in five sizes

            Size A              up to 40" on the long dimension

            Size B              up to 30" on the long dimension

            Size C              up to 24" on the long dimension

            Size D              16 x 20

            Size E              11 x 14

Desk portraits are available in 5 x 7, and 8 x 10, and I create custom album and folio collections.

Portrait Finishing

Wall portraits from Andy Held Photography are applied to artist's canvas, then mounted to a stretcher frame.  Wall portraits are lacquer protected, and include all necessary retouching (to improve wrinkles or blemishes, for example).

Desk portraits are mounted on professional double-weight mount board, sprayed for protection, and retouched for minor blemishes.

The Fine Print

Please review the Studio Policies.


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