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"The science and art of photography is described by a simple concept:  seeing and controlling the inter-play of light, shadow, and subject to create a beautiful image."  - Andy Held

My portraits attempt to express beautiful, fleeting moments of your family's love.  I hope to preserve today's joy.  I am honored by the gift of sharing your family's lives.

As a portrait photographer, I believe we have inherited the portrait profession from the oil painters a relatively few years ago.  Photographic portrait artists became enamored with the ability to record, rather than to perceive and present emotional significance, and to recognize mood and design as art for the soul and the home.

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Photo of Andy Held

Photo of Andy Held by Victoria Friedman

I began my photographic journey over 30 years ago.  My path has taken me into the darkroom, retail, and digital areas of photography.  Portrait work is the most personally fulfilling getting to experience my client's life and family, and creating an image of their life in a photograph. 

I have lived and photographed in Western Washington since 1987.  My experiences as a hiker and kayaker are reflected in my outdoor portraits.  The natural beauty of the Northwest can be part of your portrait taken in the mountains or in your backyard.

Photographs by Andy Held

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